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What Is Likely Outcome??

What is likely outcome?? Started by ohhbob , Mar 15 2014 01:00 PM Please log in to reply 1 reply to this topic 1 posts Posted 15 March 2014 - 01:00 PM Here's what happened...I Murrieta Dog Bite Lawyer was driving along and another car heading in the opposite direction made a left turn right in front of me.  I broadsided her at 50 mph.  My airbag went off saving me, but I did break my foot that was probably slamming on the brakes. She got out and ran to see if I was ok...and later she was complaining of chest pains.  They took her away in an ambulance, and I declined transport saying my wife would get me and take me to our local hospital - which she did and I was treated.   Immeadiatly after the crash, while I was sitting there in the car dazed I thought enough to call 911. Then a man came over and said he was an off duty cop sitting at the intersection who saw the whole thing, and he took my phone and directed in the emercency responders.  I was told he also gave a statement to the officers on the scene and told them it was the other drivers fault.   Both cars were probably totaled, but my car  - a 2010 Volkswagon GTI - wasn't even 1 year old to me - I bought it last April.   My questions are  - will they give me book value or replacement cost for the car?  Is there cause for a personal injury claim??  Pain and suffering???  What else should I do or seek????  Finally, this is in Illinois if that makes any difference.  
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